Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Caviar Manicure ~ Erin Montgomery

It seems as though Caviar inspired products are becoming the beauty industries biggest sellers. We are all familiar with Caviar hair treatments and of course the luxury delicacy of Caviar spread, but what about Caviar Manicures?

Charlotte Knight, Creative Director of Ciate (a UK based nail varnish company), deserves a standing ovation for her 3 dimensional manicure that is feminine yet extravagant. It will easily be the beauty industries go to product for summer.

The Caviar Manicure set is simple to use and creates an illusion of dipped nails in pretty fish eggs. The set includes everything you need to create this 3D manicure at home including a tray for catching the caviar pearls and a funnel to collect them with afterwards. You can purchase the Caviar Manicure Set in pink, black or white at Sephora.com or in stores for $25.00.

~ Erin

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