Thursday, May 24, 2012

The S.C. Road Trip: Cactus Jack's Southwest Grille

You wouldn't normally find a restaurant review right smack in the middle of a blog for a fashion publication, unless it was a really really good restaurant, as this one was. While in Virginia Beach for the Influance National Education Symposium 2012, we took a break and dined at recently opened Cactus Jack Southwest Grill on Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach VA.

The restaurant is located steps from the water and had a decor, ambiance, and menu worthy of an establishment five times the price of their menu.  Being from  Florida we were used to calling ahead and booking months in advance for a similar type of Restaurant. 

We had to blink and remind ourselves that we weren't on South Beach, and there wasn't a snooty hostess at the door, to tell us we weren't on the list, but that was nothing compared to when we saw the menu prices. We didn't know what shocked us more how fresh everything looked, or how tiny the prices were. My friends had a crab stack that looked as if Emeril Lagasse had stepped out of the television to hand it to him, and I had a chicken Quesadilla that was like none other I'd ever tasted, I grabbed the edge of the table with every bite, and just closed my eyes in appreciation.  

Our beautiful waitress, Kaitlyn, answered our every desire before we'd scarcely thought about it.  This place made such an impression on us, that of course we all consented to go back the next day, and we were as equally blown away, with the next day's menu. If you are or ever plan to be in the Virginia Beach area, run... don't walk, to cactus Jack Southwest Grill...!!!!

Till the next trip,

Jean D.

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