Sunday, May 6, 2012

Professional Advice ~ Redken Chromatics

Redken Chromatics ~ Color Removal Advice ~ Celina Good 

Those Fashion Colors - Pinks, Violets, Blues & Greens - give us Stylists a run for our money! Either, they fade out too fast or they never come out! Most of the time the clients who want it to last, have trouble keeping it, and the clients who want to change it up, can’t get it out!
Experience has taught me that a thorough client consultation is MANDATORY to ensure that my client knows and understands the commitment, maintenance and possible outcomes of the color that their little heart’s desire!
The question of the day is “What can I do to remove this color?” The one and only answer I have is to see the stylist that gave you the initial color service! And discuss your options!
The pink hair color you have in your hair is not likely Redken Chromatics hair color, which is a long-lasting permanent hair color. It is also unlikely that it is a Semi-Permanent hair color. They usually shampoo away in 5-10 shampoos!  There are many Professional and Unprofessional Product lines to choose from to color hair. Each of them have a patented chemical structure and require a system of multiple products to use to apply and remove. Not knowing which one is in your hair makes it difficult to give you a specific answer. The stylist that applied your pink should know exactly what is needed to provide you with the results you desire. Knowing exactly what product was used and how to accurately apply & remove it is necessary.
*Licensed Salon Professionals are provided with the opportunities to learn, be certified, and continue to be educated to use Professional Products and Chemical Reactives to create a variety of Hair, Skin & Nail options requested by consumers. This education does not always come free. And not all Licensed Professionals take advantage of the opportunities to continue their education! Choose your stylist or color chemist based on their reputation and referral! Ask around! When you see someone with a look you love, ask them where they got it! Remember, no one is born perfectly perfect! Behind every beautiful, healthy head of hair, is the educated, professional stylist who made it possible!
Stay tuned for much more about Professional Color products & services and at-home care & maintenance! Look for The World of Color Issue Coming Soon!!!!
Have a Great Hair Day!
~ Celina Good
Professional Stylist and Licensed Cosmetology Educator 


  1. Hi there! I've been contemplating on swiching to Chromatics since it sounds almost too good to be true. I've been using Goldwells Elumen colours and I've been quite happy with them since they also don't damage hair, but my problem is that I have very blond natural hair and I like to colour my hair around a level 6 copper/natural red (sometimes a bit lighter, sometimes darker but aroud level 6 anyway). The Elumen does not sufficiently cover my roots, my root always glows, being much lighter than my lengths, even though I of course add a darker neutral brown in with the copper shade. Somehow the new virgin hair seems to simply be in too good a condition for the Elumen to grab it, so I end up having to touch up the root first with a regular, ammonia- based brown hair colour, which gives the right level of colour and sort of "roughes up" the hair so that the copper Elumen will stay in the root. SO after this loooo-hooong prologue; will I face the same problem with Chromatics or will it also grab my roots like a "regular" hair colour? :D

    - Alina K.

    1. Thank you Alina, your answer is the topic of todays blog.

      The Stylista

  2. I remember the initial question to this and I think she was referring to Pravana and was confused on the names. They sound close. Pravana is like Chromatix on the vivids line.


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