Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Students Point of View ~ C L Holmes

“Not Taking For Granted The Student Experience”

As a student it seems that we may tend to take for-granted the instruction and guidance of 
our instructors and a sort of working internship in which it is not uncommon to go unpaid 
for about a year; keep in mind that 12 months is not an uncommon internship time. 

On top of this we as students also seem to forget that if you work hard and keep your nose
 to the grind stone, or if you will keep your hands on your scissors and comb, you will 
conceivably be able to walk away with an amazing portfolio, a clientele willing to follow you
 to your new salon home, but letters of recommendation from your instructors to help you
 find your new salon home. 

How amazing are those possibilities!? And with those things in hand imagine how much more 
professional you will appear, not to mention how much 
confidence you will have when you are searching for your salon home.

Just some food for thought. :)

C. L. Holmes

Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy
Coeur d'Alene, IN

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