Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bring Your Hair Back to Life ~ Celina Good

Lust for Life

Unmanageable locks. Dry scalp. Need for shine. Style falling flat.  Using more styling and finishing aids than ever before with no luck.

Sound familiar? Your hair is screaming for a spa service!
Hair treatments are a commonly overlooked need for the health & maintenance of our style. Regular trims and chemical touch ups are a given. 

We return to the salon the moment we see roots peeking out or a split is seen. But we don’t go running to our stylists when our hair just seems to be in a little rut. We wait it out, try new products and get thrown off track. There’s a simple solution that will save you from a bad hair day! 

Ask your stylist for information about the hair treatment services they offer and what she would recommend for you. There are many to choose from! There are treatments that add shine, some that add moisture, there are mixtures that provide strength and repair and even ones to remove build-up of chemicals, medications or chlorine!!  Your stylist will prescribe a treatment specific for your needs!

You’ll start off at the shampoo bowl. There you will receive a thorough cleansing, preparing your locks for the upcoming treatment. The choice of shampoo will depend on the condition of your hair and the results you wish to see. You may want a smoother more manageable style or perhaps volume and bounce, maybe your hair is in need of repair and strength. Whatever your desire, the results begin with the shampoo!

After the lather is rinsed away you will receive your treatment. Again this will depend on what you want and what you’ve got. A professional stylist is trained to recognize characteristics in a client’s hair that need improvement or attention. They can easily identify the cause of your bad hair day and target it with a specialized treatment to suit your individualized needs! 

With the application of the magic potion you will receive a relaxing scalp massage. This is the most enjoyable part of the entire service! And it does double duty! Not only are you relaxed and renewed, but the massage itself stimulates blood flow to the scalp and follicle which results in happy, healthier hair that responds better to styling!

When the treatment is complete and your hair is styled you will notice an immediate improvement in manageability! And when you go home you will find it easier to recreate the look your stylist gave you at the Salon.  Grand results from a treatment that took no more than 30 minutes! 

Here are a few popular treatment options available. Note that not all salons offer these particular products, but may utilize comparable professional product lines. 
Call your stylist today to find out more!
Redken Shot Phase has customizable treatment options for all types of hair! Shots can be intermixed to provide a truly specialized treatment for every client, every time!

Paul Mitchell offers a 2-step repair treatment to strengthen and repair stressed hair.

Biolage offers Cera-Therapie treatment options!

Malibu offers a variety of treatment options including a crystal gel treatment to remove medication and mineral deposits, a dandruff/eczema weekly treatment, as well as individualized treatments for blondes, relaxed hair, swimmers hair and more!
Call or visit your stylist today! Talk about treatment options! Explore the opportunities to create the very best you! You owe it to yourself!
Have a great hair day! 
XO Celina

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