Thursday, March 15, 2012

New From Maybelline ~ Color Tattoo ~ Ashley Rose

 Tattoo anyone?! Nothing says forever like a tattoo. Until now. How about just 24 hours? You can thank Maybelline for creating an eye shadow that lasts all day, with undeniable pigment and versatility. 

Available in ten vibrant shades, you’re sure to find one or two you just cannot live without! Its marketed as a cream-gel. Irony, right? Until you touch it. It appears to be a cream, but spreads evenly and predictably like a gel. But then - dries to this illustrious, powder like finish!!! It maintains its color throughout the day, too! 

Twelve, thirteen hours- not a problem! “Glistening” after leaving the dance club on girls’ night out? Maybelline’s Color Tattoo will not let you down. The color stays vibrant, it will not crease or smudge. The best part? Its available for less than $10 for a sizable amount at every drug store! It comes in a cute little glass pot, that stores beautifully and wont crack or break all over your makeup bag. (Ugh, such a terrible way to find you are in need of a new palette, right?!) 

There is a small downfall, its kind of a heavy pot, so its annoying to carry it around. However, it lasts so long and stays fresh looking, so you really don’t have to! If you find that the colors are too intense, to shimmery or too matte, there is a fix. This product makes a wonderful eye shadow base. Powder adheres to it well and can add or subtract from the vibrancy. 

Try adding a shimmery gold over the number 10, “Fierce and Tangy” or a matte white over the number 20 “Painted Purple” for a color unmatched by any other. There are limitless possibilities with this new, exciting product. We look forward to Maybelline adding even more colors to this amazing collection (uh, can you say Green Grass and Sunshine Yellow?), and even perhaps new products. Blush? Lip? Either way, we are glad this is out on the market and will keep searching for more make up secrets to bring to you!


Ashley Rose


  1. I'm going to try this out for sure! Thanks!

  2. Your welcome Amy, we are always trying to find new things to share.


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