Monday, March 5, 2012

Go Big or Go Home! ~ Celina Good

Back again and in full force oversized accessories are everywhere you look!

Handbags, jewelry, belts and hair accessories are getting a super-sized makeover!

A new twist on an existing trend!

Hair clips in oversized proportion!

Not just for grade school fashionistas!

Jumbo barrettes and hair ties are a sure statement. Setting you back about $15 a piece, these accessories take you right into trend and out of the pages of a magazine.

Take a cue from Runway fashion. A magnificent puff of textured fabric attached to a band creates an eye-catching centerpiece accenting a demure ensemble. A create-your-own head piece is easily achieved! * Start with a headband or two (get a pack of multiples from your local dollar store). * Visit the fabric or craft store & choose a thick ribbon to wrap your headband in for a stylish finish (use a glue gun to secure). * Choose a fabric and creatively gather together to make a shape (use scissors to detail the shape) * Secure with ribbon or fabric scrap and use glue gun to attach to the headband!

If crafting isn’t in your nature, visit and browse the selection of handmade goods. Make contact with a crafter and chances are you can have them create a custom piece to match your favorite outfit!

Accessorizing with oversized hair pieces that can be worn both casual and formal allows for options and what girl doesn’t love options! Wear a statement hairpiece with an elegant evening gown or dressed up jeans.

If working this trend of over-sizing into your style is new to you, start off small and work up to bigger and better accessories. Channel your inner-GAGA and give creative license to the possibilities that are before you! There are many options and various price points. Interesting pieces are easily found in the hair accessory section of drugstores, handmade online forums, such as, in department stores, and in designer collections across the globe!

Go big or go home! But always be fabulous!
Have a great hair day! ~ Celina

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