Monday, March 19, 2012

Braided Like a Katniss ? ~ Celina Good


Braided textures are a must have accessory. and with the soon to be released movie The Hunger Games, Katniss' loose side braid is being featured on every morning show and fashion magazine.

A french braid started at the ear on one side, wrapping low to hang over the shoulder on the opposite side is an exact replica of the silver screen

An over the shoulder, to the side fishtail braid is another great option, and easy to do!  Both give a similar look. however, the french braid option is a better choice if you have layers cut into your hair. The intertwining helps to keep the strands locked together.

How to's are abundant on the channels of you-tube. Tune in and give it a go! If you find it a little difficult to master on your own, make a reservation with your stylist. Ask him or her to give you some instruction on how to recreate the looks at home! Ask for product recommendations, too! Alittle "goo" helps to make a braided style last!

Rock it out with jeans and a t-shirt or glitz it up for the prom! Braided styles are an absolute necessity this season. Wear one today!!!

As always, have a great hair day! ~ Celina

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