Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winterizing for My Snow Bunnies ~ Jordan K Winn

  For all my gorgeous girls who live in the areas in the states that are getting extra chilly and bound for snow, we absolutely have to adjust our skin care to work with the new temperature and dryness in the air. This piece will be full of information about switching skin care regimens, chapped lips and skin, and skin health.

          When you experience the change that announces the arrival of cool air and winter weather, you must adjust your skin care. Put away your summer skin care. When fall and winter roll around, the air becomes crisp and lacks the moisture and humidity that makes up summer air. This type of air lives to drink the moisture out of your skin. If your moisturizer is not heavy enough then, it will chap your skin and make it feel extra tight/dry. First change your moisturizer, get denser cream and should feel like a heavy body moisturizer, but it should not be a body lotion and should not contain any oil! Even in the winter, it is still important to use SPF, try to make sure the moisturizer is in your facial cream or get a SPF from Khiel’s (which offers a light-weight, non-greasy SPF you can add to your moisturizer). This denser cream will offer a protective barrier to that icy air and prevent the dryness that one usually experiences during winter. 

You can also switch your cleanser to a more moisturizing option as well. You should not be acting like your skin is dry if it is oily, get the proper version of a moisturizing cleanser that is for your specific skin type. The moisturizing cleansers will help replenish the hydration and natural oils lost during the day. Don’t forget that you must-must-must wear lip conditioner!! I cannot stress how hard the winter is on your lips especially. My top favorites are MAC Lip Conditioner Tube and Nivea Deep Renewal. Do not go outside without protecting your precious lips, if they get chapped in this type of weather it’s very hard to get them 100% healthy again. And that means, no lipstick and no gloss on top because they will peel off. I love layering my lip conditioner underneath my gloss, so my lips look gorgeous and I know they are doubly protected!

 Be careful of the scarves, hats, and gloves that touch your face when you leave out to brace the elements. Rougher fabrics can actually slightly scratch your facial and lip skin without you even knowing. This provides a chance for chapping and breakouts. Like I said before, this is hard to fix once it becomes a problem. Consult your esthetician/dermatologist for a list of good fabrics that will not break you out.

Here’s a few skin tips to keep in mind year round. Chin Acne and breakouts are associated with intense hormonal imbalance. You must consult a dermatologist to get the proper medicine to ingest to reduce the over produced hormone and get your skin back to normal. You can use a topical spot treatment like Murad Acne Spot Treatment, but do not over use it! Besides heredity, your under eye circles can be directly related to disease and allergies. Before consulting a doctor, try an over the counter anti-histamine and use Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. This eye roller reduces puffiness and irritation around the eyes; it is my #1 eye cream! If there is still no reduction or change in the under eye area, consult a doctor for an allergy test and liver or kidney testing.

There is no skin that is most gorgeous and flawless then skin that is taken care of. It is important to change your skin care as the seasons switch and protect the single largest, most important organ in your body – your skin. You only get one skin, so treat it with care. So go ahead and winterize your skin care and make-up, don’t we all need an excuse to go get some new products? Next beauty blog will be winter make-up, stay tuned!!

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