Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Fab Must Haves ~ Jordan K Winn

  • Dark or Metallic Nail Polish: I absolutely love changing my nail color to the deeper richer colors. I mostly like the deep burgundy, eggplants, and almost black tones in classic glossy nail polishes. In the popular metallics- I'm digging the steel grays, dark bronzes, and army greens. It's important to make sure you have a super strong top coat to keep your nails glossy and perfect for longer.

  • Winter White: I die for winter white pieces, they are so ├╝ber classic. I think that you should only do pieces of winter white; like a pea coat with a twist, scarf, blazer, or suede shoe. When executed properly, winter white is stunning.
  • Sequin Blazers: Instead of over-doing it with a sequin dress or leggings, a blazer is a perfect day to-night pop of fun. I especially enjoy the shrug blazers with a high tuxedo back, very relaxed but girly all alike.

  • Philosophy Hope in a Jar: Hands down, best winter moisturizer. Perfect jar of defense against the crisp, dry air. It protects the skin with a balance of hydration without being too oily.
  • Rich Lip Colour: When it gets chilly, it's time to deepen the lip color. I prefer matte deep purple tones, glossy plum-lined dark reds, and the super rich deep fuchsia tones. A great way to keep your deep lip on is to line with a clear liner, use a lip stain, and apply lipstick or gloss on top.

  • Over-the-Knee Flat Leather boots: in every single color, yes! They look casual and dressed up at the same time, plus they are warm. I have black and cognac which go with everything. You absolutely must get the ALDO waterproofer to protect them!
  • Matte Colored Purses: These purses have a cool-neutral feeling even though they have a soft color like mint or lilac. They are perfect for the cooler season to give a pop to the blacks and browns without everyone thinking you are crazy with a neon purse in the snow.
  • Scarves: Need it say more? I love infinity scarves, woven yarn scarves, super thick scarves -I could go on for days. You should have as many as you can collect, go for prints!

  • Large cocktail rings: When it's cold and bundled up, all people see is your hands. Bulk bracelets are vetoed when they don't fit in the sleeve of your jacket and no one will be seeing your necklace either. Large, jeweled cocktail rings are the way to go in the winter!
  • Pulled back hair with large earrings: I love seeing women with their hair pulled into a bun or pony in the winter when they are all bundled up-- especially when they are donning super fab large earrings. Even if they are dangling or studs, make a statement if your hair is pulled back.
  • Last, but not least -- Pumpkin Spice Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks!! :)

What are your favorites for the chilly season?

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