Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE ~ Krista Solla

We are only a few days away from New Years Eve and that means time for planning the perfect NYE outfit! The end of the year is the time we reflect on what has happened throughout the year and what is to come in the future. Looking fabulous on the last day of the year is something fashionistas look forward to. I’m going to be stating some Do’s and Don’ts for NYE fashion and also display some of my favorite head to toe options.
DO: Shine New Years Eve is famous for the glitz and glamour. Retail stores are overflowed with sequined tops and dresses. I am a fan of sparkles but doing too much can ruin the outfit. If wearing a sequined dress have plain accessories and shoes, you do not want to look like a walking disco ball.
Do: Focus on your hair your hair can make or break your outfit. Without a nice hairstyle your look is not complete. I feel NYE hair should be very chic either in a pulled back style or soft curls. Doing too much with your hair can sometimes take away attention from your dress, big and bold curls can be left at the door. 
Don't: Choose the wrong makeup Your makeup should compliment your outfit, not compete with it. Shimmery, metallic shadows are in and will play well with a shimmery dress, but if you want something a bit sultry, soft, smoky eyes are always a win. Bold red lips are also in but if you are going for this look, keep your eye makeup simple with some light shadow and mascara. Draw attention to your lips or your eyes not both. 
DO: BE CONFIDENT The outfit you wear is only the beginning. Carry yourself like you’re the best dressed in the room and you will for sure be a hit number all night! 


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