Monday, December 19, 2011

Nail Polish Gurus ~ Jordan K Winn

Nail Polish Gurus,
It's time I share my favorite tips for at-home glam for your nail glam.
It's not a secret, nail polish is recession-proof and more women are doing their nails at home. According to Women's Wear Daily, nail polish sales were up 59% for the first 10 months of the year and it fared better than any other beauty product in these tough financial times.
Women got back into the trend of painting nails at home when the recession hit, we started rethinking going to someone else to get a mani and remembered how fun it was to do our nails at home or with our favorite girlfriends.
New nail trends have gave life back to affordable nail care, the simplest and cheapest accessory!
Lippmann told YAHOO!, "Women feel different when their nails are different shades, and we like being able to state what our mood is by showing it on our nails. People email me, saying that they’re wearing a certain shade because they’re feeling a certain way—nail lacquer has become a way for women to express themselves."Deborah Lippmann, of Lippmann Nail Polish, attributes 5 things to the rise in popularity this year:
  • VARIETY - tons of different colors have emerged. Some of her popular shades this year were Yellow Brick Road (which Lippmann herself painted on Lady Gaga) and Billionaire, a moody hunter green.
  • NAIL INNOVATIONS - magnetic nail polish, scented nail polish, heat-activated color-changing nail polish, nail decals, Crackle top coats in numerous colors, Konad stamp plates, gel and Shellac techniques that last for weeks at a time, and stickers like Sally Hansen Salon Effect nail polish strips to make designs achievable
  • CELEB COLLABS - Kardashian Kollection with Nicole OPI, future Nicki Minaj with OPI, Katy Perry with Lippmann, Dita von Tease with KISS, The Muppets with OPI, etc.
  • NEW CREATIONS -  YouTube it up; ombre nails, half-moon manicures, polka dot nails, checkerboard nails, newspaper nails, marbled nails, and 3-D nails.
  • WE'RE LESS CONSERVATION - Who cares?! Do it up with your nail glam!!
Check out these awesome tutuorials for awesome at home fun with your nails!

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