Thursday, December 8, 2011

1970's Style ~ Krista Solla

Adios Love Children, the ultimate fashionistas are back for another round! 
The 1970’s look has made a huge comeback this year, from the floppy hats to the extreme wide legged denim. Within recent years, designers have looked to the past for inspiration for their upcoming collections -- this year was no different.  Our new saying is “What is old is now new again”. Styles always seem to be recycled and come back better than ever. 
This year the 70’s style has been meshed with current modern looks to create gorgeous pieces. Vintage style has been made to look current and kicking our modern trends to the curb. Wide leg trousers are the new skinny jeans, long flowing maxi dresses are the new minis, and high-waisted pants are the must-have demin. 
Fashion is all about making a statement, especially when rocking a seasoned trend. It’s all about making it look super modern and giving it a new trademark. 
The fashion of the 1970’s was filled with bold prints and vivid colors worn without fear! The 1970’s glam look is completely wearable. No mistakes, you do not have to walk around like your going to a disco tech, but you can sure incorporate a few items into your current look. 
In regards to the makeup end of this trend, the 70’s were full of colorful bold eyes and contoured cheeks. This makeup trend has never died in my book --I absolutely love a bold eye! Lips wore only light, whitish pinks or light colored frosted lipsticks. Gloss wasn’t too big during the 70’s. On the other hand, Farrah Fawcett donned a bare-faced trend, wearing just a bit of shadow and bronzing powder – and, looked like an absolute angel. In the 70’s, it was all or nothing.
Now, 70’s hair has never died and any woman secretly always wants! Big, barrel curl, and tons of hair spray were defiantly the rules for hair.. Big hair has made it’s comeback with the second coming of the 70’s in the fashion industry. Also, the chic center part with bone straight strands was popular as well. Both styles are rampant through modern day trends. 
My personal favorite part of this trend is Lace and Fur vests. I have a few lace cover-ups and fur vests. I love them too death! One of my fav fashion icons Rachel Zoe is a walking 70’s bombshell!! She has no problem letting everyone know that the 70’s fashion era is her absolute favorite.
 Below are some pictures of 70’s inspired outfits. Get influenced from these photos and start mixing up pieces in your wardrobe to create the ultimate 70’s look. Maybe you can even indulge in a few rare items from your local vintage shop.


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