Thursday, November 17, 2011

Super Flirty Lashes pt 2 ~Jordan K. Winn

Super Flirty Lashes Pt. 2
Here’s a quick guide to brands found in Target and Ulta for you bargain shoppers! 
L'OREAL Voluminous Falsefiber Lashes
Claim: The slender brush is a combination of sculpting super-fine long-and-short fibers combs through the lashes for extreme separation. The formula has a polymer that prevents bending or breaking, and creates a dense, curled, false lash look.
  • Vogue Review: “It’s a bit heavy for daytime, but when I wanted to play up my eyes for an evening wedding, it worked like a charm. It also washed off easily and didn’t leave any residue.”
COVERGIRL Lash Perfection
The Claim: The lashwrap brush structure—which features tiny micro-chambers that grasp each individual lash— give 3x the volume. The formula contains a vitamin-rich conditioning formula give a natural, full, but daytime lashes.
  • Vogue Review: “Each lash was fully coated after just one application, and my lashes felt light and feathery. It’s a great daytime mascara—exactly the way I’d like my lashes to feel while I’m at work or running around town.  I’d probably opt for something that makes more of an impression for night.”
Maybelline Falsies Flared
The Claim: The long, flat spoon brush gives more visible lashes and fills in the gaps creating a more dense lash base. The flexibility of the wands helps lift and separate. The kera-fiber enriched formula intensifies lashes without clumping.
  • Vogue Review: “Basically I want my eyelashes, but the 2.0 version—longer, thicker, darker—and the Falsies Flared delivered it. I like the full and fluffy texture, as opposed to stiff and prickly, like some products I’ve used, but my one gripe was removing it. Even after cleansing with eye makeup remover, I woke up the next morning with remnants from the night before.”
Covergirl Lash Blast
The Claim: The amplified super dense brush fibers grab every single lash and maxes it out. The formula has volume boosting properties and long-wearability for a smudge-free look.
  • Personal Review: "This mascara truly does get every single lash, and comes up with the promised thickness and fullness. It does clump on my thinner lashes, but overall for a great price gives lovely luscious lashes."

Maybelline Great Lash Big Washable 
The Claim: The brush has an extremely full bed of soft bristles to grasp each lash from the root up, giving it volume without clumps. The carbon black formula leaves the lashes bold, bigger, and lengthy without the globs.
  • Personal Review: "I use this mascara on all my clients. It gives them fabulous lashes without being too dramatic. The brush grabs and separates every single lash and draws it out. The formula is flexible and does not flake or fade"
Now that you know all my favorites in prestige cosmetics and brands found in Ulta and Target, I hope you can choose the right one for yourself day or night :)

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