Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nicki and Ricky for the Love of Viva Glam ~Jordan K Winn

Annually, the MAC AIDS Fund selects a new character to represent their adored HIV/AIDS charity Viva Glam. Every cent of the 14.50 sales price of a Viva Glam lipstick or lipglass is funnelled into the charity fund since 1994. To date, MAC Cosmetics has raised $224,000,000 solely for the MAC AIDS Fund. Their support of HIV/AIDS research has given them the opportunity to fund groundbreaking HIV/AIDS programs and  investing in regions that need the most help, but get the least attention by other programs and charities.
A hard act to follow, Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper took the Viva Glam campaign to heart. They were everywhere you looked, raising the most money of any yearly Viva Glam campaign to date. Now, Gaga has taken over and believes she and her little monsters will "make the MOST money ever for Viva Glam."
But, in February of 2012, two new Viva Glam ambassadors will take the throne. So, when the love of charity work meets the global dominator in cosmetics, you couldn't have picked a better duo to bring light to Viva Glam and the MAC AIDS Fund: NICKI MINAJ & RICKY MARTIN!!!!! The duo just got done shooting campaign visuals in the gorgeous Miami on Monday with surrealist photographer and fashion impresario David LaChappelle. Both have landed a front ride in the public eye- Ms. Minaj with her outrageous style and addictive lyrics & Ricky for his public announcement of homosexuality in 2010 and captivating dance music. The pair is sure to make you get out of your seat and race to the nearest MAC counter to grab the latest and greatest from the Viva Glam collection. Why must they make us wait until next year?!
As a previous MAC employee, I have never seen any company be so passionate and submerged into their company charity. The most dedicated individuals give every piece of their everyday life to a struggle of someone else, and sometimes their hair work goes unheard. I know each and every reader is aware of the effects and consequences of contracting HIV/AIDS, how it is not curable, and how it can be contracted. Did you know that annually almost 55,000 people contract HIV/AIDS in the US alone? Educate yourself at But, are you doing anything to help the mothers, fathers, children, and persons that are living with HIV/AIDS today?
Viva Glam, of MAC Cosmetics, does not ask that you do a lot. They ask that you come into a MAC store or counter and purchase one of seven different lipglass or lipstick shades. Don't we both win? MAC continues their crusade to help those in need with complications from HIV/AIDS and you get to be feel good about the lipstick or lipglass you're applying while you're on the run.
Do me a favor, go grab yourself a Viva Glam product from MAC and join the movement at

Always, J*
FB- Jordan K Winn MUA
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