Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cool Weather Tips ~ Ashley Rose

Five Cool Weather Tips

Summer has ended. The fun isn’t over! Winter brings adorable sweaters, cute knit boots, stylish jeans and scarves! Unfortunately, it also brings harsh, cold winds and dry air. It is important to winterize your skin, just as you winterize your wardrobe, house or car.
Get some gloves. Not the kind that you’re thinking. The kind you use in the shower. Exfoliating gloves. In the winter, skin tends to be on the dry side. Once the dryness sets in, skin tends to be less likely to shed dead skin cells. Exfoliating regularly (at least two to three times a week) will help the skin to quickly repair itself and absorb moisturize evenly. This can be crucial in prevent dry, flaky, uneven skin. Most drugstores or beauty supply shops will have them for under $5.
Get your humidity on! Everyone loves the lack of humidity in the air come wintertime. No frizz, hair stays all day. However, the “artificial heat” that heats offices, hospitals, stores, homes, vehicles, and every other place you set foot in literally sucks every last molecule of moisture out of the air. Investing in a small humidifier to restore moisture to the air will help your hair and skin stay supple and healthy.
No need to pout. The first thing that suffers when the weather changes are your kissers…er…lips. Not often do people realize this, but it is important to exfoliate your lips just like the rest of your skin. Run your toothbrush over your lips when you brush. In the morning, use a moisturizing balm or conditioning gloss before you leave the house. Its best to keep something in your car, purse and jacket so you always have moisture. Before bed, after you wash your face, moisturize your lips just like you would your face.
Don’t forget to protect yourself! From the sun, that is. Just because its cold outside, that doesn’t mean the sun stopped shining or UV Rays don’t exist. It is still important to use an SPF in your daily routine of skin care.
Don’t forget your feet. Get a pedicure! Ok, let’s face it. There is something sort of ‘ick’ about feet. Only in the flip flop season, you say? Think again! While your feet are staying cozy in the newest boots, they are sweating. They are collecting bacteria under the nails. They need love too. They may feel moisturized, but it is still important to maintain healthy feet. After all, you are going to need them for the rest of your life. And, besides, who doesn’t want to try out the new “Getting Piggy With It” red glitter in the Muppet Collection by O.P.I???

No matter what you do, make sure you take care of yourself in the winter months. Who wants to look back and family pictures of the holidays and remember the year they "forgot to winterize"? Keep up the good work. Remember, only you can help you. As much as we would love to, we can't remind you to cleanse your face twice a day or to turn your humidifier on at night. We really can't remind not to eat all of Grandma's brownies on Thanksgiving, either. But we won't tell if you do...

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