Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Wrapped up ~ Alicia M. Callis

Shortly after arriving in what my Floridian brain translated as "The freezing tundras of Washington state", I discovered my favorite of all cool weather accessories, the scarf.  I place the scarf upon it's magical toadstool not only due to it's glamorous fashion implications, but also because of it's practicality.  A scarf will do amazing things for your look and body temperature!

Growing up in a warm Southern climate, I was not to experience the full on fabulousness of scarves until it was necessary in order to get to my destination without falling over into a shivering fetal position (snow and slush really do nothing for the hair after all).  My initial image (before the experience) of the scarf was not an unpleasant one.  Quite the contrary, it conjured images of snuggles, hot cocoa, and crackling fires...even if I had only ever experienced these things through movies.  Like how snow feels in real life, I was sadly mistaken in this initial assumption.  Certainly scarves were warm, but they wouldn't turn heads.  This is where the loud fashion buzzer goes off and a disco ball or fog machine descends (depending on your chosen mental drama medium) and you realize what you have been missing during all these scarfless years.  At least that is how I imagine it . . .

One of the reasons the scarf is such a versatile accessory is in part due to the several handfuls of ways you can knot, swoop, drape, and tie it.  You will be amazed at the looks you can create quite effortlessly no matter what the fiber, pattern or length of your chosen scarf.  If you are feeling daring you can even modify your scarf into a belt, hip scarf, head scarf, or to flag down the town bull.  It is your scarf and your style, be creative!

Extra fabulous kudos must be given to the scarf for the wide array of fibers and textures you can find them in.  This alone can entirely transform almost any outfit whether it be jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress. You can be a cozy snow bunny in a cable knit scarf, alluring in a sheer patterned fabric scarf, playful in fringe, or maybe you like something a little more furry, silky? Accessorize your accessories by pinning it in place with a vintage broach, you can make a pretty fantastic cowl this way if the scarf is long enough.  And wouldn't you know it, you can even clean your room, dorm, or house and turn your old t-shirts into a scarf.  If you are a little curious, here is an example with a tutorial!  Are you animal conscious and eat your veggies?  Don't worry, not everything is angora and wool.  You can also find things made of banana silk, bamboo, and organic cotton, and viscose to mention a few.  Be warned: once you start touching, stroking, and/or squishing scarves you may be unable to stop and find yourself held up at your local department store.

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