Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back again with more glamour ~ Jordan K Winn.

Lips, the bane of your existence, I know!- I am going to take the mystery out of choosing and applying the proper color for your skin tone and desired look. I am going to focus on fall trends for now, and of course - my favorite: red!
There are no rules to make-up, just different techniques. 
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  1. Decide if you want your lips nude or to "pop". A general guideline is to have balance with eyes, cheeks, and lips in order to not look to over the top. Nude lips go best with super rich smokey eyes and a monochromatic look all over (check out 'Attack of the Lustful Lips' for a picture). Keep in mind that make-up has nothing to do with the colors you are wearing, it is completely seperate. The only way your outfit influences your make-up is the time period you are gunning for (i.e: 20's smoke and deep lip, 40s winged liner, 70's mod color, etc).
  2. Once you decide either way, moisturize your lips!! Chapped, dehydrated lips never look good without anything with them. I recommend MAC Lip Conditioner Stick, easy and super hydrating. Wear it at night and put it on every morning before your moisturizer to ensure it sets in before you put your lip color on!Your browser may not support display of this image.
  3. First, apply a wax stick to your lips with a lip brush. By wax stick, I mean something like MAC Brow Finisher, or use a colorless lipliner like MUFE Lip Liner Perfector. Give your lips the shape you desire. You can slightly over draw your lips by using the clear liners just outside of your natural lip line. Your browser may not support display of this image.
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  5. Use a extra pointy lip brush or an flat line brush to apply lip color. You can find great ones at Sigma Beauty and earn a discount thru me! Check the bottom of the blog for the site.  Your browser may not support display of this image.
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  7. Softly trace around the lips with a lip pencil for more definition or lipstick for a softer look. It's usually easier and lips are more taunt if your mouth if open like you are saying "oh".
  8. If you started with lip pencil, add color on top of the lip liner and feather it into the center of the lips. If you just added lipstick, make sure you do not have excess.
  9. Rub the lips together to smooth out the color and remove any extra product remaining on the lips.
  10. If the look calls for gloss or you just love, love, love gloss. Give your lips a pop of shine on the "apple" of the lip - that's on the cupid's bow on top and the fullest part of the bottom. It will make your lips look more juicy without looking large, and will also help maintain the longevity of your lip color without removing it. Too much gloss can cause your lip color to come off quicker than usual.
  11. If you are doing a super bright red, pink, orange or deep rich brown, wine, or purple-use an angle brush with MAC Pro Eye Make-up Remover to remove crooked lines around the lips. Then, fill the "eraser marks" in with a concealer, like Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer, and use the angle brush to keep your edges sharp!Your browser may not support display of this image.
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Remember that lip color is a trial and error game, some colors that are reccommended for certian skin types don't always look good on everyone. It's all about using a liner, lipstick, and gloss that complement each other to create a color just your own.
If you have questions about specific colors for your skin tone, drop me a comment and I will help you! :)
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Always, J*

© Jordan K Winn MUA

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