Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jordan Recommends ~ Jordan K. Winn

I am a product hog, I try just about everything that comes out cosmetic & beauty wise. Mainly because I am a collector of all things glamour, but I love recommending products to friends in need. So here goes my top ten favorite items (of this millisecond)!

10. MAC's New & Improved Turquatic Fragrance- Perfect light scent for the summer time. It falls between a perfume and body spray, giving a touch of freshness. Fragrance notes feature Anemone, Lotus, Orris, & Corsican Blue Cedar. There is a rollerball size, perfect for the purse, that is awesome for daily touch-ups. The new packaging is much more exclusive and eye-catching, and at $27.50 -Why not?!
9. Make-Up Forever Lip Line Perfector - Absolute favorite because it gives the featherless, perfected look to the lipstick or gloss of your choice without changing the color with a lip liner. It gives an invisible layer that keeps lipstick from bleeding, which is must for all bright summer colors and deep, rich fall colors-to-be. To top it off, it's a silky texture and conditions your lips during wear. Does it get better?
8. Ojon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Shampoo- For all you ladies on the go 24/7 without time to cleanse your roots everyday. Ojon has made the most incredible non-whitening powdered dry shampoo that uses Soap Bark Tree Extract to remove the oil and impurities. It makes your hair look as fresh as the day before as quick as you can slip on your shoes to get out the door. You can stretch your blow dry out one more day!
7. MAC Future Length Lash Serum - Amazing for conditioning and strengthening lashes, so they can grow on their own without hindering the effects when you stop using. It is a stimulant that promotes natural lash growth and some extra length. This is a great way to help those lashes you left high and dry with mascara on all night from clubbing. You can even use this to stimulate growth in the brow area from bad wax jobs. Flirty lash help? Yes, please!
6. MAC Eye Shadow - If you haven't indulged in MAC's amazing shadows, you are truly missing out. These highly pigmented shadow, blend evenly while staying true to color. They are long-lasting, even more long wearing with a primer like a Paint Pot. With frost, satin, shimmer, and matte, its a sheer bargain at $15 for the quality of cosmetic you get. I promise, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK!
5. Nail Polish Corrector Pen - For the perfect at home mani, paint your favorite color on, and erase the mistakes. We all don't do nails for a living, but who wants to pay for a mani when you can do it all at home. First, I treat my hands with a super hydrating lotion from the True Blue hand care line at Bath & Body works with hand gloves on top to trap in the moisture. Then, trim cuticles and file. Paint. Fix with the corrector. Follow with the top coat (which is something I would love to have suggestions on!! help!) Mani at home, and more money for other cosmetics!
4. Clarosonic Skincare Brush - It's 2011, and like toothbrushes that are manual are so 90's, so is manual scrubbing on your gorgeous face. The Clarosonic's soft, gentle brush paired with unique 300 movement per minute frequency throughly removes grit and grim on your skin. It cleanses the skin of make-up 6 times better than manual removal. On top of that, it reduces the skin of pores, clears them of congestion, helps moisturizer soak more deeply, and gives a noticeably clearer and more radiant glow to the skin. The Clarosonic brush is a must-have in the 21st century battle with skin, it is the answer to your prayer for more flawless skin. Take the plunge!
pastedGraphic_6.pdf3. 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub - Use this daily to remove the age off your hands, and leave them feeling the softest you have ever felt. The sugar-based exfoliation gives dry cuticles and dull skin a quick revival. And, the light citrus fragrance will leave you wanting more. Remember, the hands are the easiest aged skin on your entire body women!!
2. MAC #217 Blending Brush - I use this brush every single day for my eye shadow creations. The soft, natural hair fibers glide effortlessly over the shadow to diminish bridging colors. The #217 can be used to define the eye with neutral taupe or give it a smoky pop with a swish of a deep gray. Regardless of how into make-up you are; if you ever put on eyeshadow, I better not catch any of you without this brush. You truly NEED it!
pastedGraphic_8.pdf1. MAC Iridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze - To die for in the summer! This multi-use loose powder can be paired with a deep chocolate-brown in the crease for a super sultry brown smoky eye. I can also lend a quick pick-me-up summer glow to the cheeks, and radiates a soft bronze glow but my favorite use is to dust it, with a large fluffy powder brush, on the delicate, shoulders, and down the center of your legs for a supermodel chic glow. It's even great to mix in with lotion. From my drawer of beauty secrets to yours!
Until next time, my beautiful people, keep shopping for those one-of-a-kind beauty products. Tell me what you favorites are!

Always, J
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