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Get your tan on! ~ Jordan K Winn

For all you sun goddesses who are in love with being tan; whether it be at-home sunless tanner, for the night boosters, sunless tanning, customized airbrush or just laying at the beach. Here's a little advice on the best of the best when it comes to tanning.
At-Home Sunless Tan:
In the middle of winter, I feel head-over-heels for the amazing Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream.I was the palest I have ever been, and this at-home tanner took me to a soft, luminous glow in two applications. I applied it in the morning after I had exfoliated my skin in the shower and did my hair and make-up over 30-45 minutes to let the tanner really seep into my skin. There was absolutely NO residue on my clothing and it actually has a fresh smell, so you don't run around with the classic self-tanner smell.
The consistency is what drew me in, it's thicker gel like cream that applies evenly without a strange smell or orange undertone. The cream is a caramel color, so you can see just where you are applying it for a foul-proof, streak-free look. You can feel the moisture from the Cocoa Bean extracts and Aloe on the skin immediately. It truly hydrates and leaves that natural-looking tan on the skin, and no one will know!
This self-tanner is a real treat and pick-me-up for your beautiful skin!
For the Day/Night Tan Boosters:
MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray (although it's a foam, not spray) rocks as a sweat-proof, perfecting option for silky, tan legs for a night out on the town. The gel-based bronzer is best applied with a Kabuki brush in a buffing motion or in the palms of your hands in a "pulling up my stocking" motion. You should NOT apply lotion containing shimmer, mineral oil, or a dense thick lotion -it will make the mousse-like Skinsheen to slip right off. It provides a sheer to low coverage to erase all the daily nicks, bruises, and veins. MAC Skinsheen gives the radiance to the legs that we wish we were all born with!
Or, St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Spray is lovely for a hands-off, ultra-even application. The superfine mist with skin conditioning Aloe Vera provides a soft, natural instant long-lasting tan. It has a 360-degree nozzle and a more subtle scent to eliminate the tell-tale signs of self-tanning. Use multiple times for a deeper tan, but for a daily glow -St. Tropez is perfect!
If you are going to tan, you MUST use lotion! Browning Silk by Swedish Beauty - Swedish Beauty is well-known for its new 95% natural indoor tanning line called "BoTANicals". I have used and continue to use several of these products, newest favorite is Kelp Me. Browning Silk intensifies tan and is unscented is great for sensitive skin. It has tons of anti-oxidants for anti-wrinkle/anti-aging and for skin firming. The skin care is basic and provides the basics needed to keep your skin hydrated and protected while still allowing for optimal tanning.
Most tanning salons that have sunless tanning booths carry either Mystic or VersaSpa products or both. In fact, these brands are the same company, just provide different undertone (red vs yellow) to better customize and personalize your sunless tan.
Indoor tanning is no better or worse for your skin than Sunless Tanning. DHA dries out your skin and damage it because it is a dye and chemical. It is all about hydrating, exfoliating, and taking care of your skin in and out of the sun. When sunless tanning, it is important to think of your tan like a manicure- the prep, the base coat, the color, and the top coat. The prep step includes using a non-abrasive exfoliating product like VersaSpa Exfoliating Scrub, which has pineapple, orange, and lemon acid. This scrub smells good and polishes your skin when you rinse it off. Now for the actual spray tan part. Use the VersaSpa Amplifier Prep Gel or Mystic Tan Accelerator as your primer (the base coat!). These will amplify the color and accelerate the development time from 4-6 hours to 2-3 hours (if you like the color you're at before the development time is up, shower if you do not want to get any darker, water immediately inhibits the development of the DHA). When showering, stay away from body washes that have moisturizing beads, mineral oil, and alcohol.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Expose Luxe Body Wash and Body Lotion by California Tan. Both have Shea Butter, Pumpkin Butter and are paraben/sulfate free. Both are a Step 3 After Tan Extender, which are ideal moisture and hydration whether you sunless tan, UV tan, or when not tanning at all. Not only do these products replace, they add more hydration to keep your skin healthy.
After about 2 days start using VersaSpa Shimmer Performance Lotion (THE TOP COAT!). I like the shimmer and soft floral scent, but the VersaSpa formula in the lotion to continues to add color over time! The performance lotions are great for touch-ups or when you're going out with girlfriends or on a date and you want to add a touch of glow!
Customized Airbrush Tanning:
I love customized airbrush application way more than the tanning salon. I have never looked more perfectly tanned than when I did an "at-home" tanning session with Divine Complexion. In the DMV area, you must go see Katie from! Tell her I sent you :-)
Sunscreen Top Pick:
To defend your lovely skin from the harsh rays of sun, use Coopertone Water Babies Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 got the best reviews for protection from UVA/UVB rays and sunscreen stability.
Thanks a milli to my favorite Sunless Tanning/Tanning Salon Expert -Megan Rubino for all her help and information!
Enjoy all the tips on making your current tan look more amazing!

Always, J
(c) Jordan K Winn.

Jordan K. Winn
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