Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get organized ~ Jordan K Winn

What's up my make-up gurus?! I am back after a busy week and I wanted to share a neat new idea I had while working with my newest client, Alejandra Costello of Color-Coded. This business woman is absolutely amazing! She can make your home and belongings look like a store, she is surely the most innovative professional organizer I have ever run into. 
So, after talking with her for a couple hours while doing her make-up and hair for an upcoming gig- I had to go home and do a little organizing of my new Zuca Pro. Honestly, I went on a four hour binge of cleaning out my old kit and organizing. While doing it, I enjoyed it so much I think I could eventually take on a career of a professional organizer in the next ten years. All my girlfriends are probably reading this dying laughing, because they all know that I was born a professional organizer. 

Back to the Zuca, I divided my massive amount of make-up into three kits (yes, three!) and proceeded to use the bags Zuca provides with the Zuca Pro. At first, I thought that this format of organizing surely wouldn't work for me because I am so used to my old train case (please, all you MUAs are going to laugh at me for that old school kit).

I actually sat down to put products in the bags - I love it! So organized!! I am thrilled it actually has outside pockets for small tools like tweezers and glue, plus a pocket for business cards!! There are two large zipper pockets and folder pockets on the outside that are perfect for carrying mirrors, lashes and brushes! I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that it only weighs 12 lbs and you can sit on it!  
And onto my next organizing fiasco, pigments from MAC.  
Messy, loose, absolutely amazing, and gorgeous pigments. They are the death of me. I, as well as my clients, like an extremely clean and organized kit. It shows that I care about sanitation. Besides that, it looks aesthetically pleasing. Like a store of cosmetics on wheels! To organize these lovely powders and glitter, I used a container purchased at Michael's that is usually used for holding small beads. It's a plastic square box that holds 30 loose, small screw-top cylinder containers. I emptied my favorite pigments into the cylinder jars by folding a piece of paper in half using it like a funnel. Of course, I then organized the full cylinders of loose powder and glitter into a rainbow color schematic. It looked gorgeous. 

I felt like a little kid that had to show her new arts and crafts creation to everyone in sight! I got most of my pigments into the container, even though I found twenty more when I was searching through my bathroom cabinets (my make-up collection is never ending and it is seriously too much- yes I am saying I have too much make-up!). I enjoyed condensing my endless supply of cosmetics into a functional system,
So you serious make-up hoarders, like myself, have fun organizing! :) Good Luck!
Always, J

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