Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update for Deadlines

Apologies to our fans following because we need to reset our timeline, originally we had told you that the launch date was October 23, 2011, but that since been changed to become the date for the vintage Hollywood Glamour photo shoot, the acutal launch date is now Sunday November 13, 2011, because we needed more time to include the runway fashion show in our launch. appologies for the inconvenience
We set out with a goal and a mission statement to show Salons and talented stylists, something they'd never seen before, an app like none other, and an opportunity to reach out to their clientele in ways never imagined. Did we accomplish that? Oh you have no idea what is coming to you November 13, 2011!! official Stylista and Magazine Launch date!!! Believe us when we tell you, everything is going to change.

Hope to see you at the Launch Party


Brand Manager
Salon Confidential Magazine
Stylista by SC

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Always looking for new talent, writers, photographers, models, MUA's, stylists.....

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