Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Tips for Hair ~ by Ashley Rose

Keep bobby pins with you. Always. Once the humidity hits your hair, there is no telling what your straight tresses will get themselves into. Having a bobby pin on hand is the perfect way to clip back unruly bangs or fringe.
Sick of running into people with the same hair accessories as you? Stop into any hobby store and pick up some artificial flowers, leaves or beads. Hot glue them to a barrette or large bobby pin and you have your self custom hair jewelry. Be careful, all of your friends will want one!
Need to dress up a ponytail? Take a small under section of the pony tail and wrap around the hair tie. Pin it underneath and add a flower or other adornment. Quick way to update a classic look!

Need to go from office to date in the car? That isn’t hard! Throw your hair into a smooth ponytail and make two sections. Twist them around each other and then wrap the twisted hair into a bun. This creates a beautiful chignon in thirty-seconds. How easy was that?
Don’t wash your hair if you plan on spending time in water. Saltwater, chlorine and other chemicals found in pools can be really damaging and rough on freshly washed cuticles. Instead, opt for a light leave-in conditioner spray beforehand, and a strong conditioning treatment after you do wash it.

Ion is at Sally Beauty
Think chlorine won’t turn your blonde hair green? Thank again! Blonde hair is prone to turning green in chlorine, so load up with leave-in conditioners and try to avoid prolonged exposure. Just in case, pick up some swimmer’s shampoo. It removes residues from chlorine and green tints, too!

Have a fantastic day,
Ashley Rose

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