Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick Tips for Hair ~ Alicia M. Callis

I know you have heard that you shouldn't wash your tresses everyday, but why?  And how do you avoid looking greasy and not so appealing?  Washing your hair everyday strips away natural oils and things that keep hair looking healthy.  

If you have up until this point washed your lovely locks everyday your first week will be a struggle.  But don't worry the pay off is worth it!  I recommend going at least 4-5 days without washing your hair to begin the process of "re-training" your hair.  During this time I would experiment with cute ponytails and bobby pin styles that will disguise the oil build up.   
Or you can opt to use dry shampoos during this time, there are several excellent inexpensive ones on market now such as TIGI Rockoholic.  Rinse your hair through with water if you desire and then on the fourth or fifth day when you just can't take it anymore, shampoo and condition as normal.  
You will notice the next day your hair will not immediately look like you haven't washed it in a week.  You should after this be able to go at least every other day or two days without washing your hair.  Your hair will have a more natural shine because it will be infused with those wonderful oils your body produces for it to keep it fabu, and you will just have a more healthy happy head of hair!

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