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Go Green For Glam ~ Jordan K. Winn

I have a girlfriend that has taught me volumes about all the amazing aspects of organic vitamins and remedies. I really love her awesome do it at home remedies that actually work! This is a must read piece--
What's your latest obsession over the summer for beauty/health/skin care?
  • I have been tanning a lot lately, I have been getting dry skin all over my body, even on my face. I grabbed a bottle of Vitamin E capsules, and apply them by pricking it with a needle and squeezing the pure oil into my body lotion from Burt's Bee. The Burt's Bee lotion I have has ingredients containing milk and honey. I went to the The Container Store and bought a twist off top container which makes it easier to mix products in. The mixture instantly soothes my skin without any oily residue. If you want, add some lavender oil drops in the mix and you will sleep like a baby at night.
  • My on-going obsession -Ardell Lash and Brow Growth Accelerator-has SAVED MY EYEBROWS! Talk about balding eyebrows from so many butchered threading jobs gone wrong. I decided to take my brow health into my own hands. I’ve been using the growth serum for 2 months now, and my eyebrows are as thick as can be. Thanks to youtube, tweezers, and some mini scissors -you too can take care of your own eyebrows. I'm also doing a test run on the new MAC growth serum, I will let you know my results in about 7 weeks to see if it really does produce the promised results.
What's your go-to make-up product?
What is your most important health/beauty regimen?
  • EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE, period! Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin, trapping dirt and oil, revealing glowing healthier skin. I have oily skin, so exfoliating helps remove a lot of the oil build up, and then I moisturiza with an oil-free moisturizer containing SPF 15 to protect me from the sun's rays.
Where do you find all these cool do it yourself home remedies?
  • You can actually find many of these products at your local super market, or organic markets, such as Whole Foods or M.O.M.
Do vitamins help with maintaining weight ?
  •  Vitamins can be a great addiction to help maintain a healthy weight, by giving energy and therefore being more active, providing you with necessary nutrients, and speeding up your metabolism. Green tea in pill and liquid form is great for this because it helps with digestion, burning fat, and boosting your energy levels. I drink about 2-3 cups of green tea a day. Whole Foods has wider varieties of vitamins that any other local market.
I saw a tweet about something with avocado and hair, care to share?
  • My love of the pool and beach in the summer has left my hair quite beaten. The chlorine from the pool and salt in the ocean strip your hair of its natural moisture. So, once a week, I mash-up an avocado, mix it with two table spoons of olive oil and honey, and apply the mixture onto my hair and scalp. I leave in for 25 minutes, then shampoo and style as usual. Avocado, is a rich antioxidant and it's nutrients, together with honey, which is a humectant that binds moisture, force moisture into the hair and scalp without leaving the hair feeling heavy or oily. You all must try it!
Your mom is a Hair Stylist- what the best tip or technique she has ever showed you?
  • Letting your hair air dry first before using any heat. Minimizing the amount of heat that you are applying to your hair, will help maintain more of the natural moisture that your scalp produces. Healthy hair is beautiful hair- you cannot over process and dry out your hair and expect the same result of healthy strands. This is more for easy to straighten hair. I drive around with the windows down while running errands and then go home and flat-iron my hair.
Do you think it's necessary to use professional grade color and products on your hair?
  • YES! Store brands have tons of bleach and other chemicals that can cause extreme damage to the hair. Plus if you are not a hairstylist, you do not want to gamble with your hair using products that you don’t understand. Consult a professional, ask us for a referral, or you will be spending the rest of the season growing out your hair to get it back to its previous health.
I heard you love Whole Food and Organic Markets to another level- what's the catch?
  • Natural products are always the best for your hair. You know what you are getting and can easily research the advantages of the product. With chemicals, you never know what you are getting. These products are going on your hair, which will also be in going into your pores, than into your body. The simpler the better, don’t bombarded your skin or body with too many chemicals- especially the ones you can't even pronounce.
I cannot wait to hear about your ventures into these wonderful organic secrets. Keep it locked for more treats -Jeannette is always keeping me on my toes with brand new organic and at home treatments for my hair, skin, and nails.
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Til next time beauty queens, Jordan
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