Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Sneaky Peak By Alicia M. Callis

I know we are still enjoying the summer in our fantastically large sun hats and sherbet colored bikinis, but a properly preened lady is always prepared for what is to come.  Fall fashion week may have become a stylish fog in your diva daydreams, but some of their promises are finally hitting retailers near you.  So smell your favorite Channel and come out of that swoon, because it is time to get your closets prepared, and ankle boots polished to high shine!

Of course I will be the first to admit I am still drooling over those polka dots we spotted on the runway back in February, and now we are literally seeing spots not stars all over Hollywood!  Everyone from the star of HBO’s True Blood Anna Paquin to the ever lovely Jane Fonda is sporting their idea of what makes polka dots pop!
And of course we can’t overlook all the ruffle and lace showing up in showroom windows that makes us stop, stare, and almost wish the leaves would change simply so we could slip into that flapper fabulous tiered lace fringe dress.  With a pumpkin colored hand bag? Or wine colored peep toed pumps…with so much good stuff to look forward to it truly is enough to bring a lady to a state of perspiration.  All the jewel tone colors look so rich and wonderful you can almost taste them.

Of course never forgetting how important it is to accessorize we notice there has been a huge resurgence in turquoise colored jewelry, and big bold bangles.  

The appropriate bling will give pizzazz to any outfit you are wearing, of course maybe big loud jewelry isn’t your thing no matter what the fashion mags tell you. This brings us to one of my favorite soon to be worn accessories:  patterned tights!  Well they are accessories if they are patterns right?!  Make an ordinary outfit saunter worthy with a pair of well chosen tights or panty hose in just about any pattern you can dream up from classic houndstooth, modern diamonds or our aforementioned dots.  

This is of course but a tease as to what is to come.  So for now enjoy the sunshine and umbrella drinks; painted pinkies raised and cat eye glasses on!


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