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A big warm welcome to our first guest blogger Jordan Winn

Quick Flawless Natural Makeup by Jordan Winn‏

The key to flawless natural make-up is using a couple different textures in the right places to create a rolled out of bed look.
First of all, you must-must-must apply eye cream and moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type and the current season. Let me explain:

  • If your skin is extra tight when you get out of the shower, feels like it is gonna crack, has dry patches, or generally has a flakey feel to it; you have DRY skin.
  • If your skin is oily in the t-zone (a cross in the middle of your face including nose, forehead, chin, cheeks) and semi-dry around the perimeter of your face, and feels pretty soft on a regular basis; you have NORMAL/COMBO skin.
  • If your skin is consistently oily all over, skin/make-up gets shiny within 2-3 hours of wear, and you have more frequent breakouts especially in the t-zone; you have OILY skin.
  • There is a possibility of each skin type having a condition of sensitivity and dehydration. Sensitivity is when the skin reacts negatively to products, sunlight, brushes, etc. YOU ARE ALL NOT SENSITIVE because your skin reacted once to a product. Sensitivity can only be diagnosed by a Dermatologist, Professional MUA, or an Esthetician. Dehydration is when the surface level of skin is flaky and lacking moisture, but the deeper levels of skin are still one of the three skin types. Dehydration can be cured by using the correct cleanser and moisturizer for you skin, and exfoliating! Favorite exfoliator is Volcanic Ash by MAC Cosmetics, and my girlfriends can attest to how amazing this exfoliator is. But, that will be my next beauty blog.
Stila One Stop Primer Available at Sephora

After you choose the right cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and exfoliator for your skin
type, you can move on to a primer. Primers are used as a protectant your skin from outside elements, smooth out texture in skin, and help adhere your make-up on for longer periods of time. My current summer favorite is 'Stila One-Step Bronze Skin Tone Illuminating, 

Stila One Step Brightening Primer Available at Sephora

Bronzing Serum'. I love this primer because it gives a smooth feel to the skin, but gives a little extra color to the facial skin (Ladies, you should not be tanning your face unless you want WRINKLES). My face is extremely pale, while my body is a bit tanner, so I got this to even out. It is actually so gorgeous on its own, sometimes I just wear it and some concealer and peach blush and run. Talk about a quickie;)! There's also another option if you don't need the bronzing- 'Stila One-Step Correct Skin Tone Correcting, Brightening Serum'. All skin types can use this, it gives new life to skin.
Secondly, grab your brightening concealer -like MAC Cosmetics Prep+Prime Highlighter Pen- and dab it under your eyes, on top of your cheekbones, and on the little dip on the upper lip. Gives a super awake feeling to the skin. If you need additional coverage underneath the eyes, mix in a little concealer on the back of your hand with the highlighter and smooth under the eye with a #224 brush from MAC. One of my favorite concealers is Smashbox Camera Ready.
MAC #224 Brush
Next, grab a powder that is a jet milled (meaning extremely fine) because it will give an absolutely flawless look to the skin. Please, Please use an extra fluffy brush to apply to remain natural. A few of my favorite extra smooth powders include Dior, MAC Mineralize Loose, and Philosophy Airbrush Canvas.

The Supernatural Airbrush Canvas Available at Sephora
Use a contour brush, like MAC #267 Contour Brushand dust a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks up your cheekbones. The peachy toned blushes give soft pop of color to break up the monotone look offoundation. Favorites are NARS Orgasm andBenefit Coralista.

Benefit Coralista Available from Sephora

Do yourself a favor and spritz your skin with MAC Fix+ to oxidize your make-up and make it look more natural. You are halfway through, hang on the next steps take less than 5 minutes :)

Grab a brow pencil and use it to fill in the areas of the brows that are sparse only, this is no necessary if you have full brows already. Use Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil with a light check mark motion to fill in more naturally. Flip the pencil upside down and use the comb through the brows to make it look more uniform.
I love to use long-wearing cream on the lid to give a pop of color, and it literally takes thirty seconds. Take MAKEUPFOREVER's Aqua Cream Eyeshadow with your ring finger and brush it over your lid. You can choose whatever color you want, but for natural I would choose Warm Beige, Golden Copper, and Gold. Make sure you smooth the edges so it doesn't look like a three-year old put it on.

Now for eyeliner. Trade Secret: "Tightline" eyelining - use your pencil to connect the lash line by using a subtle back and forth motion in between the lashes.Your pencil should be retractable or super sharpened to create this nonexistent liner look. For natural purposes, I would recommend using a rich bronze, dark chocolate, off black, or deep plum. My favorite long wear pencils are MAKEUPFOREVERMAC, and Urban Decay.

My favorite part of make-up has to be mascara because it absolutely gives LIFE to the eyes and tops off the make-up. Use a zigzagging motion with the mascara brush through the lashes to increase the volume and separation. Don't be afraid to get in there with your lashes and really coat the mascara on. Use the very little product left on the wand to coat your bottom lashes, I don't want you to have spider lashes. All time favorite - Lacome Hypnose Drama


Lastly, throw on a little hydrating lip conditioner. Not blistex, vasaline, etc. Real lip conditioner like MAC or Estee Lauder, these MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners even have a little color to them if you don't care for your natural lip tone. MAC Lip Conditioner has Vitamins A + E, Shea Butter, and a little Almond Oil. Higher end lip conditioners are going to really heal the lip, which has some of the most sensitive skin on your entire body, not to mention they are exposed to constant elements like wind and sun.
Tinted lip conditioners

Okay, Okay- I know this was long, but I needed to give you all the product and detailed information! BTW, I did these steps in 7 minutes flat in-betwen doing this blog and getting ready for a long day of work! I know you can do it, and give me some feedback!


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